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Concealed Carry Essentials

April 23 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The Concealed Carry Essentials course introduces the student to practical techniques for self-defense shooting. This course is for the individual that has completed introductory training for their concealed handgun permit and now desires to become proficient and confident while carrying a concealed handgun. With the fundamentals of marksmanship as the basis for everything taught, the student will develop consistency across each core competency to become an effective and efficient shooter.

Many of the techniques that are introduced will be new to the student, but each is introduced in a progressive, building block approach. The learning process starts in the classroom covering equipment and considerations for effective carry, followed by lecture on proper sight management, the draw and the application of the fundamentals for defensive shooting. After practical application and dry fire training, we transition to the range to build on prior marksmanship training, develop new skills, push through old limitations and introduce the student to the dynamics of concealed carry. The ultimate goal is to build functional, defensive handgun skills built on the foundation of the shooting fundamentals, while introducing the student to problem solving in a dynamic environment.

Topics Covered:

  • Equipment considerations – what is available and how to derive the most benefit from your equipment.
  • Drawing from concealment – effective and efficient draw stroke.
  • Sight management – understanding how to effectively apply your sights based on the given situation, knowing when speed determines outcome.
  • Near threat shooting techniques/ Shooting through the horizontal plane – getting the gun in the fight quickly, engaging effectively and following through until the threat is neutralized.
  • Speed shooting – controlling the gun for fast, accurate shooting.
  • Battlespace awareness – being aware of your surroundings and maximizing what is available to you to influence your outcome.
  • Target discrimination – identifying and categorizing each individual while avoiding the unnecessary engagement of innocent people.
  • Threat recognition – recognizing what time and opportunity are afforded you, and applying the proper technique at the appropriate time to overcome the threat.
  • Multiple threat engagement – transitioning your sights, cover and body position based on speed, opportunity and positioning of your threat(s).
  • Problem solving – identify, prioritize, react, and assess.
  • Introduction to proper use of cover and alternate shooting positions – when given time and opportunity, finding cover and positioning yourself to maximize your cover while creating a stable, effective shooting platform.

Required Gear: Pistol, eye protection, and ear protection
Ammunition Requirements: 300 rounds
Handguns and eye/ear protection are available for rent at SEG. Ammunition is available for purchase.

Skill Prerequisites: Must have prior marksmanship training – THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER OR INTRODUCTORY COURSE

Participants: 10 Students ages 21 and Up

Duration: 4 hours

Dates: April 23rd and 25th (This is a two-day course)

U.S. FEDERAL LAW REQUIRES YOU TO BE A U.S. CITIZEN OR PERMANENT RESIDENT TO TAKE THIS CLASS. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SHOW A FORM OF CITIZENSHIP ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Valid forms of Citizenship Identification: Voter Registration Card, Passport, Birth Certificate, or Certificate of Naturalization.


April 23
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Silver Eagle Group
21550 Beaumeade Circle
Ashburn, VA 20147 United States
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