Range Safety Rules

  1. All Federal, state, and local firearm laws will be adhered to at all times.
  2. All firearms not in the shooting booth must be holstered or cased.
  3. All shooters must read and sign the SEG range rules, release, and assumption of risk agreement before using any SEG range or training facility.
  4. Class III owners must be in possession of any permits or paperwork required by law.
  5. Food, beverages, spitting and smoking (this includes electronic cigarettes) are prohibited on all SEG ranges.
  6. There is to be no usage of listening devices while on the firing line. (music, cell phones, etc.)
  7. No muzzle loading firearms may be fired on any SEG range.
  8. All pistol calibers may be used on any SEG range.
  9. Rifles up to and including .50 BMG calibers may be fired (650 grain or less). .50 BMG shooters must check in with a Range Safety Officer (RSO) before using any SEG range.
  10. Only shotgun slugs may be fired. NO buckshot or birdshot.
  11. Tracer, armor piercing, steel core, or any types of incendiary ammunition are prohibited.
  12. Commands issued by an RSO must be obeyed immediately and without question.
  13. If the command CEASE FIRE is given: stop shooting immediately, remove your finger from the trigger, remove magazine, clear firearm, place the firearm on the bench. Step back from the shooting booth and wait for further instruction from the RSO.
  14. If the line needs to be declared  CLEAR,  all firearms must be holstered or safely grounded (action open and magazine removed), and all shooters must step away from the firing line. Absolutely no firearm handling, unloaded or otherwise, will occur while the line is  CLEAR.
  15. Only RSO or authorized SEG personnel may go forward of the firing line unless instructed by the RSO.
  16. Only SEG approved paper targets may be used.
  17. Use the appropriate size target, placed at eye level, to ensure that your shots strike the bullet trap and not the floor, ceiling or target holder. Firing a shot on the SEG Range that results in the bullet striking anything other than the target and/or backstop will result in damage or repair fines of $5 each and/or your removal from the range!
  18. Rapid fire is permitted, but only at a pace you can control, no more than 2 second bursts. If the RSO can determine your rounds are hitting anything other than the backstop, you will not be permitted to fire in rapid succession.
  19. Cross firing is prohibited.
  20. All firing on any SEG range must be aimed fire. Point shooting will not be allowed.
  21. Shooters may only shoot one firearm at a time.
  22. Any and all draws from the holster may only be practiced after the booth table has been removed by an RSO. Drawing a pistol is only allowed within the shooting booth.
  23. Only holsters placed on or around the belt, accessible from the strong side will be allowed for use on any SEG range. Shoulder, cross draw, or support access holsters are strictly prohibited.
  24. You may collect your own brass that is on or behind the firing line. Brass from other shooters and all brass that falls in front of the firing line may not be collected.
  25. Competitions held on the SEG Range will be conducted in accordance with official SEG rules or by the rules of the sanctioning body of the match.
  26. Always wash your hands and face immediately after shooting and/or cleaning your firearm. Sinks are located directly opposite the range exit door.
  27. SEG RSO s reserve the right to inspect any firearms or ammunition for safety considerations.
  28. Shooters under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a person 21 or over and cannot be on a lane by themselves. Those under 21 cannot rent a handgun or purchase handgun ammo.
  29. Shooters under the age of 13 must be assisted at all times by a parent or legal guardian.
  30. All add-ons must share a lane with the primary pass holder, this includes Members.