Firearms Transfer

Exactly What Kind Of Deal Are You Getting When Buying Online?

When you shop for anything on the internet, you can pretty much be certain of one thing: Someone, somewhere probably has a lower price.

But price alone doesn’t always mean you’re getting a great deal. Hidden fees, lack of customer service, refusal to take returns if there’s a problem…these can all become issues when you buy online, whether it’s computers, furniture, weapons or just about anything.

Silver Eagle Group prides itself in having sharp prices on guns. From time to time, we become aware of people telling us about companies offering an online “deal” for guns, and the more questions we ask, the more we wonder just how great a deal is being offered.

Many large online gun dealers, for example, will advertise a “hot” price that later in the payment process is revealed as their “cash” price. To get this cash price, you are required to mail a check to the dealer, then wait for it to clear before they will ship the gun. Most banks will take 5 to 7 business days to clear a check, so this process can take over a week.

If you choose to use the online dealer and use a credit card, additional charges can be in the 3-5% range (depending upon which credit card you choose) added to the cost of the gun. Once paid for, shipping and insurance fees are generally added to the price of the gun. Finally – which is usually about a week later – SEG receives the gun and a transfer fee ($25 for members, $40 for non-members, $150 for NFA items) is added before the end user may actually take possession of the firearm.

In some cases the online deal may still be a bargain after adding all these fees. But in other cases, it may not be. Make sure to ask about these additional charges when dealing with online merchants, then compare it to the prices offered at SEG before making a decision as to which benefits you the most. And remember: if Silver Eagle Group doesn’t carry the model you’re looking for, SEG can get most any type of firearm within a few days, so call us first and we’ll get you a price!

Please note that effective February 1, 2018, Silver Eagle Group is not accepting Class 3/NFA transfers until further notice, without exception.