Balloon Shoot Success

Written by Desiree Reese on August 29, 2013


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Balloon Shoot Success

Ashburn, VA. (August 29, 2013) – This past weekend there was a great turn out as Silver Eagle Group (SEG) held their first ever balloon shoot.  Silver Eagle Group was proud to put 70 participants through the intense and exciting course.

Not only was the balloon shoot fun, it offered patrons a chance to practice some of the skills they don’t normally get to outside of the classes offered here.  Some of these skills included shooting multiple targets, shooting from various positions as well as shooting moving targets.  Participants were timed as they shot a series of 11 balloons and one moving “hostage” target.

We would like to congratulate all of the participants on how well they did and we can’t wait until the next balloon shoot.  Stay tuned to find out more!


To learn more about Silver Eagles Balloon Shoot, visit


Silver Eagle Group is a state of the art training facility that opened 2008.  SEG boasts three state of the art ranges and offers a variety of courses as well as a fully stocked retail section.

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  1. George Clausen says:

    Would just like to say that you guys rock! Please have more events like this, at least once a month.

  2. Michael Dezort says:

    The event was great fun. It was a great opportunity for my son and I to shoot together. We’re hooked! Please have more events like this! See you at the Zombie shoot.

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