Basic Precision Rifle Course Lead by World-class Instruction

Written by Desiree Reese on March 13, 2014

Silver Eagle Group is proud to host guest instructor Kelly Bachand for our spring Basic Precision Rifle Course. Besides being a fan favorite from The History Channel’s Top Shot, Kelly is a member of the US Rifle Team, and an internationally ranked long range competitor. He is the first American to win the Canadian Target Rifle Championships in 127 years and the youngest champion to take the prize.  In 2007, Kelly won gold and silver metals and in 2011 a bronze medal in the World Long Range Championships for individual and team events.

The lead instructor for the course brings with him 22 years of military service in combat arms and multiple deployments to war zones. Charles has completed the USMC’s grueling and comprehensive Scout/Sniper Basic and Advanced courses as well as the FBI’s Sniper/Observer Course.  Most importantly, he has a strong background in teaching precision marksmanship to personnel deploying overseas. This mix of practical knowhow and teaching skill makes Charles a dynamic and experience-grounded leader for the course.

Our spring Basic Precision Rifle course is geared toward rifle shooters who are seeking a grounding in the fundamentals of long range marksmanship. Whether you are an experienced rifle shooter or a new owner, this course provides a core curriculum of principles and theories for engaging targets at extended distances. Through the application of these lessons, students can expect to accurately hit static targets from 50 to 800 yards under any field conditions – rain or shine. The course is a mix of classroom exercises and live-fire training. Students will travel to the Virginia International Raceway to hone their fundamentals as shooters and spotters. This is a unique opportunity to receive world-class instruction from the best in practical and competitive excellence in long range shooting.

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