Concealed Carry Month 2016

August is Concealed Carry Month at Silver Eagle Group! During this month, we will be offering an array of new training courses that focus on taking your concealed carry skills to the next level. These courses are denoted by * in our calendar.

Also, for Concealed Carry Month, receive 10% off any holster when you purchase any compact or subcompact pistol.

Register for 3 or more of the following courses and receive 10% off* when you use the coupon code: ConcealedCarry2016


The Advanced Carry Tactics Course introduces the student to practical techniques for self-defense shooting. This course is for the individual that has completed introductory training for their concealed handgun permit and now desires to become proficient and confident while carrying a concealed handgun.

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This course provides training for emergency casualty care in an active shooter, or any other crisis, situation. Having the skills and knowledge taught in this course can affect the outcome of life or death for a wounded individual.  TECC at its most basic level seeks to define the correct intervention at the correct time in the continuum of care prior to the arrival of professional first responders.

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This course teaches Virginia’s legal limits on the use of deadly force in self-defense situations, with a particular focus on the use of firearms.  It will give you a working knowledge of the legal boundaries between a justifiable self-defense shooting and a shooting that will expose you to criminal prosecution and civil damages liability.  If you live or work in Virginia and rely on firearms for self-defense, this course will give you a practical set of guidelines and steps you can take to maximize your chances of winning (and financially surviving) the legal battle that inevitably follows a self-defense shooting.

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What happens when you cross social boundaries and don’t realize it? Why do situations go bad? When is the outcome predictable? When can you influence a change in events? When confronted with a violent situation your choices are to comply, evade, de-escalate or confront your attacker.  No matter if, or what you carry, you need to be able to correctly recognize key indicators in order to quickly deploy the appropriate course of action and avoid the unnecessary escalation of violence.

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CCW Live-Scenario Based Training for Every Day Carry

This course is scenario-driven, putting the student’s situational awareness and reactions to the test in a real-world environment. The scenarios are designed to allow the student to be tested in a realistic setting, understand their reaction to being attacked or confronted, while taking the confrontation through the full cycle from recognition and avoidance, to reaction and completion. We will start by covering recognizing and identifying potential danger, avoidance, control techniques, and the force continuum, before putting the student through muggings, carjacking, attacks, and general confrontation scenarios. All training will be done with SIRT laser training pistols. Training pistols and holsters will be provided. There is no live fire component to this course.

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*10% off 3 courses or more only applies to the special Concealed Carry Courses listed on this page, denoted by * on our calendar. Discount does not apply to any other courses except these and cannot be used in combination with any other discount, including for training members.