Silver Eagle Flat Range Challenge

The Silver Eagle Flat Range Challenge is a competition designed to put individuals through a series of simulated real-world, violent encounter scenarios and measure their ability to prevail in those situations. This is a fun way to test an individual’s skill level and identify areas which may need improvement.
There are few ways to induce the physiological effects and stressors of an actual gun fight. However, our experienced cadre here at Silver Eagle Group does a good job of it. Aside from safety and fun, one of the goals of this challenge is to place the competitor into a dynamic, realistic environment and create enough stress to illicit real-world shooting skills. Time spacial distortion, tunnel vision, the surge of adrenaline, epinephrine and dopamine, and a lack of fine motor skills are just a few of the obstacles you will have to surmount in order to function, let alone prevail in this challenge!
We strongly encourage all competitors to bring with them the equipment and gear that they actually use for self-defense (holster, gun, cover shirt, etc) with the exception of cross draw, ankle, or pocket holsters.

Participants: 15 competitors ages 15 and Up (Under 21 must be accompanied by parent or guardian)

Duration: 3 hours

Required Gear: Pistol, strong side holster, (3) magazines/speed loaders with pouches, casual “play clothes”, eye and ear protection, athletic shoes.