Core Pistol Development

In order to master anything, one must first master the fundamentals. This is a 6 hour course devoted to building the foundation from which your marksmanship skills will grow. You will leave understanding the core principles of shooting and how to properly apply them.  We will teach you to self-diagnose, identify problem areas and make immediate corrections to avoid engraining bad habits and improper marksmanship techniques.  Whether you are new to shooting and looking to build confidence through skills development, or a seasoned shooter looking to enhance your skills, Core Pistol Development is a great course for you.

The class starts with a pistol assessment on the range to establish a baseline for each individual shooter.  We then move to the classroom where we will begin the fundamental development process through dry fire drills and the use of software and integrated laser technology. Here we will break down the fundamentals and have you practice and apply them in comfortable learning environment. We then progress to live fire, advancing systematically through drills focused on each individual skill and technique. By the time you leave the range you will feel confident and capable in your marksmanship abilities.

Topics Covered

  • Safety
  • Skills Assessment
  • Controlling the Pistol
  • Recoil Management
  • Sight Management
  • Trigger Control
  • Self Diagnoses
  • Multiple Shot Progression
  • Drawing from the Holster
  • Practical Shooting Drills

For Course Dates please see events page below.

Cost: $175

What to bring:

Pistol, 3 magazines, pistol holster, magazine holster/pouch, eye and ear protection, 200 rounds of pistol ammunition (50 rounds of frangible)

*All equipment, including handguns, are available for rent at SEG.