Mentor Program

Silver Eagle Group is excited to launch our new free Mentor Program this November. Sign up alone, or with a friend or two. Come to the range and be escorted through your entire experience with a mentor. This is not meant to be a private lesson, but an informative, comfortable shooting session that guides the new shooter through the process and the first shots. Firing a firearm can be intimidating and even walking into a new facility can be intimidating. Taking this into consideration, we will offer new shooters the ability to be taken every step of the way from waiver sign in to equipment turn in. The Mentor Initiative is a program that partners SEG employees with brand new shooters or customers. SEG Mentors are experienced staff members who will guide you through the check-in process, renting a firearm and gear, the safety brief, your time on the range (with shooting tips, if you’d like!), and wrapping up and checking out. You pay for the range rental, firearm rental, and ammo – the rest is on us. $25 reserves your spot.

Check the CALENDAR for available dates and times.