Written by SEG Admin on October 28, 2011

The Ashburn-based Silver Eagle Group, or SEG, is dusting off the cobwebs just in time for Halloween, unveiling its newly renovated facility to members of the media on Oct. 27. The public will have a chance to start honing their firearm, martial arts and even pool skills at the facility’s grand opening event on Oct. 29.

We are an instructional facility, this is an academy, SEG Managing Partner Dario Marquez said. People refer to this as a range, but it’s really a place where you can come and learn self-defense, you can learn how to use your weapon properly and you can learn other defense [techniques] like martial arts.

Former customers and guests of SEG will likely be impressed with the extensive renovations, both aesthetic (a newly designed lobby and cleaner look), and technical (a cleaner air flow system and bullet collection point that keeps lead out of the air and you firing longer).

While the firing ranges offer a chance to test out firearms and work on accuracy, SEG’s main message is of self-defense.

SEG has three lines of business actually, Director Stephen Marquez said. We do memberships for the public, we do retail and then we do a lot of training. Our training is made up of self-defense training, as far as firearms go, and then we also do some hand-to-hand stuff and martial arts disciplines.

SEG instructors teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Muay Thai mixed martial arts training, all which have become popular with the rise of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other professional fighting organizations.

When it comes to firearm defense, SEG offers about a close to an authentic experience as you can get, General Manager Jason Randall said, with the 22,000 square-foot scenario house. This area allows SEG personnel to set up any real-life situation, whether that be defending a house, protecting oneself in school or any other number of scenarios.

With a layout similar to a course set up at a paintball place or laser tag facility, those undergoing training in the scenario area are equipped with specially-modified firearms that discharge a sort of paintball, but with a much more accurate trajectory.

Randall went through a list of possible scenarios while providing a tour of the area, including a woman protecting her daughter with a gun in her room, or holding your own in a crowded market cafe. While it’s called the scenario house, it sure feels more like a small city.

But SEG isn’t all just bullets and flying fists, the facility offers a full private party area and, now, a ton of retail space chocked full of guns, ammunition and tactical gear, including from notorious supplier 5.11 Tactical. Visitors to the party area and members will get to indulge in swank luxury rooms, a full locker room and even a pool table.

Pretty much everything you’d want to do is under one roof here, Jason Randall, General Manager, said. There’s really no reason to go anywhere else besides Silver Eagle.

When it comes to the future, SEG management is looking to keep pushing to make defense a priority and to make sure all gun owners are trained properly.

We felt there was more we could do. We decided to upgrade it even further. And I have to say it is the finest facility in Virginia, if not the county. Our goal is, for the people that we serve the federal government and the public to be the best we can be.

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