Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) is a system of simple stabilizing medical interventions that can be utilized in various emergencies by anyone who has had the appropriate training. Similar to what the Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines did for military settings, civilians need a framework for use in dangerous operational scenarios that defines constraints in both the civilian environment and resources while providing medical guidance to accomplish the life-saving mission. Developed from military battlefield TCCC guidelines, TECC balances the on-going threats, civilian scope of practice, differences in civilian population, medical equipment limits, and the variable resources for response in civilian atypical emergencies. These guidelines represent a treatment framework that accepts mitigated risk while providing a significant lifesaving benefit. TECC at its most basic level seeks to define the correct intervention at the correct time in the continuum of care prior to the arrival of professional first responders.

This 4-hour course will introduce the concepts of TECC, review the most current guidelines intended for the civilian first care provider, and allow for hands-on familiarity with the most common TECC equipment in use. At the end of the course, the students will be given the opportunity to buy specific TECC medical equipment.

Course Objectives

Provide medical education and training to civilian personnel for application in various emergency situations incidents and environments
Overview of the history, science and evolution of TECC
Types of injuries and applicable TECC interventions to improve survival including developing hands-on proficiency with:
Bleeding control
Simple airway management and body positioning
Recognition and simple management of chest and torso injury
Recognition and simple management of shock and prevention of hypothermia
Simple wound care
Efficient patient movement
Mitigating Collateral Damage
Hands-on training for TECC interventions to include: tourniquets, wound packing, compression bandages, occlusive dressing/chest seals, lifts/moves/carries, hypothermia prevention

Your Instructors:

Your instructors are professional emergency response, preparedness, and medical experts, who develop and deliver emergency preparedness and operational training programs that effect positive outcomes in the face of emergency and atypical disaster scenarios.  The principle instructors are all clinically and operationally active experts at the forefront of emergency services, special operations, and risk mitigation strategies specific to the austere environment.

Your Lead Instructors:

Former Naval Reserve Hospital Corpsman and Field Combat Corpsman
Board certified in Emergency Medicine, sub-specialty certified in Emergency Health Services, and a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians
Practicing emergency physician and an associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the George Washington University
Medical Director for one of the professional fire departments in the National Capitol Region
Extensive experience over the past 20 years developing training and programs to address regional and national emergency preparedness and operational gaps, including innovative response models to atypical disasters
National subject matter expert on active shooter and operational medical response to high threat events
Involved in multiple regional, state, and federal initiatives and work groups on operational medical response
Extensively involved in medical research on pre-hospital medical response
Frequently interviewed and quoted by national news agencies
Presenter and key note speaker at multiple national and international conferences over the past 15 years
Simple wound care
Efficient patient movement
Mitigating Collateral Damage

Cost: $150.00

Participants: 20 Students Ages 15 and Up (parent/guardian permission required for those under 18)

Duration: 4 hours

Ammunition Requirements: None

Required Gear: None

Recommended Gear: Pen and Paper

Skill Prerequisites: N/A

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