In this high-intensity tactical competition 24 groups will compete to determine the Top Tactical Team. Competing over urban terrain in our 22,000 sq. ft. battlefield, each 5 person team will be armed with non-lethal Man Marker rounds fired from modified Glock 17s and LWRC, Colt, and Bushmaster M4 rifles. This is a dynamic real-world series of events that pits team against team, forcing you to prove your skills. Teams will engage in multiple evolutions that include vehicular assaults, building take-downs, force on force and much more.

The competition is double elimination with the winning teams competing in the top bracket.  The two finalists will advance to a championship mission that will take full advantage of our tactical environment.  The championship round will utilize vehicular infiltration into a low light environment where the teams will search and destroy multiple targets while battling through the opposition force.

While not on the course fighting your way to the next round, teams will have full use of our lounge, locker rooms, pool table, televisions and couches.


The Runner up team will earn various SEG Gear

The championship team will earn a 5 range pass cards (each good for ten hours of range time) and SEG gear

Equipment provided:

  • Glock or Rifle (depending on event)
  • Protective mask
  • First 250 rounds of ammo

Suggested Equipment:

  • Closed toed shoes or boots
  • Multiple layers of loose or athletic clothing
  • gloves

*One member from each team will be asked to give a drivers license and active credit card to SEG so that we may assure that all equipment is returned at the end of the event.*

**Additional ammo will be available for purchase during the event. **

***Each team is limited to 5 players but is not required to have all 5 to play.***

IF YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL AND WOULD LIKE TO BE PLACED ON A TEAM PLEASE E-MAIL [email protected] Or buy an individual ticket

To sign up for a time slot please see events page below.

Event Date: November16th 2013

Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm (ending time varies based on when team is eliminated)

Ticket: 1 Ticket is good for one team of 5 people and includes the first 250 rounds of ammo

Let us know your team name in the notes of your order!