2016 Zombie House: The Withdrawal

I can see it, I hear the idling engines, just a few more feet and we’re there.  After years of fighting the Central Government has finally decided that a full withdrawal from the infested area is the only remaining option and has begun the final evacuation of all remaining survivors.  All that is left is to get on the trucks and leave the fighting behind.  The exhaust makes the air dense, the driver is anxious but calm, the seat is cool to the touch.  After all the loss, all the death, finally……

“What was that?”

“Did he just….”

“Move! Get out!”

What did they tell me during my mission briefing?  Where do I go, what do we do now?  Get up.  Move.  Stay together, do not split up, do not quit, get out alive…………

It was supposed to be easy, why is nothing ever easy?  A final evacuation of the remaining forces and then, the eradication.  Instead, I am in the streets fighting for my life.  The evacuation point is overrun, the security force is dead and the vehicles…destroyed.  Now our small group of survivors will have to fight our way back to the safe zone, battling the horde of rank zombies, fervent for the taste of flesh.

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What is the SEG Zombie House experience?

Zombie House: The Withdrawal is an interactive experience that uses role-players to create a one of a kind zombie hunt. It takes place in a 22,000 square foot indoor facility, complete with abandoned structures, dark alleyways, and a penetrating emptiness. You and your team will use a real Glock that has been modified to fire non-lethal Paint Marker rounds as you battle the zombie horde. While the role players will startle, scare and potentially bite, they do not shoot back at participants. Register yourself and be assigned to a team, or form a team in advance.

Equipment provided:

  • Glock 9mm converted to shoot UTM rounds
  • One magazine full of UTM Rounds.*

*Additional ammo can be purchased prior to your mission brief. You will need no more than 2 extra magazines.

Age recommendations:  The Withdrawal is a live shooting experience that is designed to terrify the oldest of children. We strongly recommend participants be 13 years of age or older. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian.

Required clothing:

  • Comfortable clothes and footwear. Recommended Long Sleeve shirt and pants. Ditch the heels and sandals.
  • Eye protection. If you don’t have your own, eyewear will be provided

Capacity: Limited to one team of eight every 30 minutes. Individuals will be paired with others to form a team. Those wishing to participate as a team should purchase the appropriate number of tickets for your desired start time. Notify the mission commander that you have a designated team upon check-in.

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