2017 Zombie House: The Resurgence

“Breach. Breach. Breach.”  A chill runs through me as the doors crash open and the battering ram rattles to the floor.  Suppressing the rising panic, we press into the darkness – the silence is suffocating.  The only thing I can hear is my heart pounding in my ears.  The pressure in my chest is overwhelming and my hands feel weak as I grip my pistol. We’ll be fine; stay alert, work together, remember your training. The radio crackles to life, “Team Three, what’s your status?” Did the darkness just move?


“Team Three, check in.”

“We need help. Send backup. Now! Send….Run!”

How did they know? Where did they……oh no, they’re everywhere.

The resurgence began in Chicago and spread faster than before.  After the withdrawal and final solution, we thought we were rid of it.  Now, every major population center is plagued.  They say the strand mutated and resurged but whatever the cause, the infestation is consuming us.  Every major city has a call to action and conflict has erupted everywhere.

It’s Time. Answer the Call and Rise Up – Stand with Us as We Fight the Resurgence.

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What is the SEG Zombie House experience?

Zombie House: The Resurgence is an interactive experience that uses role-players to create a one-of-a kind zombie hunt. It takes place in a 22,000 square foot indoor facility, complete with abandoned structures, dark alleyways, and a penetrating emptiness. You and your team will use a real Glock that has been modified to fire non-lethal Paint Marker rounds as you battle the zombie horde. While the role players will startle, scare and potentially bite, they do not shoot back at participants. Register yourself and be assigned to a team, or form a team of 4 in advance.

Cost: $89 SEG members/$99 non-members
Members: Please use coupon code ZOMBIE2017 during checkout to receive your discount.

Equipment provided:
– Glock 9mm pistol converted to shoot UTM rounds
– One magazine full of UTM Rounds.*
*Additional ammo can be purchased prior to your mission brief and at https://silvereaglegroup.com/product/zombiemag/

Required clothing:
– Comfortable clothes and footwear.  Ditch the heels and sandals.
– Eye protection. If you don’t have your own, eyewear will be provided.

Age recommendations:  The Resurgence is a live shooting experience that is designed to terrify the oldest of children. We strongly recommend participants be 13 years of age or older. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian.

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