About Us



Silver Eagle Group is a state of the art training facility, which offers four modern indoor shooting ranges, consisting of two 25-yard ranges and a 50-yard range with 10 lanes each, and a 15-yard range with 3 lanes. Designed specifically for maximum individual or class functionality, all four ranges allow shooters to practice with pistol, rifle or shotgun, using pistol caliber ammunition of up to .44 Magnum and rifle ammunition of up to .30 caliber. The ranges are also independently ventilated with a multi-stage filtration system, ensuring shooter health and comfort.

In addition to all of the above, Silver Eagle Group has an extensive retail section offering firearms, ammunition, rentals, and accessories. SEG also offers a dynamic variety of courses from beginner to advanced, that are held on a monthly basis. These courses cover firearms from pistol to full auto, as well as home defense and self defense.

Silver Eagle Group is proud to be awarded the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s® prestigious Five Star Range rating. To meet NSSF’s criteria of a Five Star facility, a range must demonstrate excellence in all aspects of management and operations. SEG is one of only two ranges in Virginia awarded this rating.

Open range hours:

Monday: 9 : 00 AM – 8 : 00 PM
Tuesday: 9 : 00 AM – 8 : 00 PM
Wednesday: 9 : 00 AM – 8 : 00 PM
Thursday: 9 : 00 AM – 8 : 00 PM
Friday: 9 : 00 AM – 8 : 00 PM
Saturday: 9 : 00 AM – 7 : 00 PM
Sunday: 9 : 00 AM – 6 : 00 PM