Icarus Precision 2022

Saturday September 17 & Sunday September 18

SEG is excited to announce that Icarus Precision is coming to Ashburn, VA to exclusively launch sales of their new A.C.E. 365 EVO grip module.

Icarus Precision is a small family-based company proudly supporting “Made in America” by developing, testing and manufacturing components that bring Accuracy – Control – Enhancement (A.C.E.) to firearms products used by our service members, law enforcement and law-abiding citizens.  The process is never complete until there is no doubt that concept and inspiration have produced quality, value, and function.  Materials, design, end user feedback, adaptability and innovation are the pillars that drive every Icarus product, from conception to rollout.

Hence…the A.C.E. 365 EVO was born.

Layered on top of a foundation built with 20 years of experience, Icarus’ pursuit of perfection has led, yet again beyond expectations, to the next generation of micro carry firearms.  Building on the popularity of the Sig Sauer P365, Icarus has brought full size grip module features to the carry platform. With a completely re-designed grip geometry featuring our first ever “back strap swell”. This “Memory Bump” or “Razor Back” style swell fills into the negative space in the pit of the user’s hand. This new geometry left and right panels with their tapering slim line front progressing to a wider rear section and incorporation of the unique Icarus style narrowed and flipped beavertail forcing the hand into position as high as possible for that immediate grip acquisition. Not only do the ergonomics feel seamless with the operator’s hand, but the module with its expanded grip dimensions and ambidextrous “AMBI” thumb ledges provides more contact area and feedback to the user than any module on the market!


The Icarus Precision owner and team members will be on-site all weekend to meet and greet with SEG members and guests. Stop by for one of our scheduled breakout sessions to learn about the history of Icarus Precision and why they are an emerging industry leader in innovation.

Test the entire lineup on our private range, including the newly-launched P365 EVO and the full catalog of the A.C.E. P320 modules.

Test firing is free. Bring your own 9mm FMJ ammunition or purchase at SEG. No registration required!

Close Quarters/Room Clearing Course and tactical room clearing competition in our all-new scenario house: REGISTER HERE

    • Join SEG and Icarus Precision for an exclusive event featuring a seminar covering draw, ready positions, close quarter engagements, target discrimination, and room clearing; culminating in a fun, exciting Close Quarter Urban Competition, utilizing our all-new scenario house with Icarus Precision P320 pistols outfitted with non-lethal conversion kits. The CQUC is a platform to test the competitors’ skills while moving through a dynamic environment, solving problems and engaging targets. The competition will be a scored, timed event, focused on accuracy, individual tactics and close quarter shooting. Whether you are an experienced professional, or a first time enthusiast we look forward to welcoming you.As the competition will test the competitors’ ability to properly demonstrate close quarter shooting techniques, a brief seminar covering safety, foundational skills and competition rules/scoring will be held prior the start of each session.