Introducing the NEW Training Membership Structure

The SEG Training Membership is unlike any other firearm training program. With our expert instructors, let our training take you beyond your comfort zone and outside of the shooting booth. You’ll receive targeted development to drive you forward, making you an all-around better shooter.

To achieve this, SEG has retooled our Training Membership to create a three-tiered system, focused on customizing your training to your needs.  As a member, you will be teamed with equally skilled shooters, participate in weekly Training Member-only classes, where you will advance your abilities, and build friendships.  We assess you, we place you, we train you—you win!


SEG Training Members enjoy all the benefits of a standard membership:

  • Unlimited range time
  • 10% off ammunition
  • 10% off targets
  • 10% off eye/ear protection purchases
  • Reduced rate on select events such as our Steel Shoot and Date Night
  • 25% discount on private instruction
  • Lower rate on firearm transfers
  • Birthday rewards
  • 10% off dues at The Fitness Equation
  • 50% discount on first year’s rent on a safe or locker at Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Co. (and 20% off after the first year)


SEG Training Members also receive a 15% discount off our group firearm training courses such as:

  • Introduction to Handguns
  • Concealed Handgun Course
  • Core Pistol Development
  • Ladies’-Only Introduction to Handguns
  • Introduction to Carbine
  • Introduction to Shotgun
  • Defensive Shotgun
  • Level 1 Defensive Pistol
  • Level 2 Defensive Pistol
  • Level 3 Defensive Pistol
  • Level 4 Defensive Pistol
  • Level 1 Defensive Carbine
  • Level 2 Defensive Carbine
  • Level 3 Defensive Carbine
  • Level 4 Defensive Carbine
  • Low Light Defensive Pistol
  • Introduction to Steel Shoot & Competition
  • Concealed Carry Essentials
  • Dynamic Entry & Room Clearing


The best part – and what makes us stand apart from everyone else – is our dedicated Training Member-only classes.

Through our Team training, we focus on advancing each student through our program as well as proving them with a solid foundation on which to grow overall as a shooter. Any Active Training Member may train with the ground-level White Team; assessments are required to join the intermediate Red Team or the advanced Black Team. These assessments require meeting time standards for 12-15 specific drills (for example: open carry holster draw; remedial action; low ready).

The White Team sessions focus on fundamental shooting, learning the draw, ready positions, speed shooting, and the like. The Red Team sessions are a step up, and an introduction to concealed carry shooting, defensive shooting, and incorporate problem-solving into your practice. The advanced Black Team is challenged at a whole new level with incorporated low light, room clearing, urban movement, scenario-based training, and more.


Not sure if it’s right for you?

Maybe you’ve taken Level 1 Defensive Pistol and don’t know if you’re ready to move on to Level 2. Maybe you’ve taken our Room Clearing course eight times and still can’t get enough. Maybe you own a firearm but just don’t know how to figure out which classes… Let us eliminate the guesswork for you, and provide guidance throughout your progression.

Want to get some rounds downrange weekly, out of the booth? Call or stop by for details about the perks of becoming a Training Member, and to lock in your membership today.

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